Starling Resources

ImageIn the past few weeks I have been busy updating my knowledge of ActionScript 3.0 focusing in particular on the ability to export ‘Flash’ games to mobile platforms. This has inevitably led me to find Starling,  an amazing free framework developed by Gamua that leverages the power of Stage 3D and GPU rendering.

Starling is, not surprisingly, supported by Adobe themselves and boasts an active and helpful community (which is a very important factor when it comes to pick a 3rd party framework!).

Here’s a handy list of links to learning resources as well as Starling related tools, so that you don’t have to do the dirty work yourself 🙂 





► Feathers UI
Light-weight, skinnable, and extensible UI components for mobile and desktop.

Sound AS – Lightweight Soundmanager

► Dynamic texture atlas generator
Allows on-the-fly creation of texture atlases and bitmap fonts using  (vector) Flash .swc libraries.

Particle System

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