Role: Game Designer
Feb 2021 – Apr 2022

Generation Zero is an open-world FPS from Systemic Reaction (Avalanche Studios Group). As a gameplay designer, my main responsibilities were:

  • Design new weapons, enemies, and structures for base-building
  • Design, schedule, and maintain daily missions
  • Expanding and improving existing game systems
  • Working with UI artists to improve the existing UI and provide a UI for new features

Major Features / Content Released

  • Designed a new enemy, the Firebird flying machine.
  • Designed the Resistance Weapon Pack DLC, containing three new weapons: Flamethrower, Makeshift Bow, and Makeshift Pitchfork
  • Designed the Base Support Pack DLC containing new structures for the game’s base building
  • UI: Designed the game’s “weapon’s wheel”
  • UI: Designed icon filters for the game’s map
  • UI: Designed inventory filters and sorting methods