Vehicle Physics

A personal project I worked on, to learn how to implement vehicle physics in Unreal Engine.

My goal was to bring a static 3d car model (a Ford Fiesta) to life, so I first imported the model into Unreal Engine and used one of the engine’s templates to add physics to it.

Then, using Unreal Engine’s powerful Blueprint scripting, I added some extra features such as:

  • Head and tail lights
  • Brake lights
  • the ability to change the car’s paint color in real-time
  • the ability to orbit and zoom in/out the viewer’s camera using the mouse

Here are some of the project’s features with GIFs examples, and a video.

Vehicle physics
First-person view
Real-time color change
Head and tail lights
Brake lights
Internal light
Collision with other vehicles
…and yet more collisions
Full video