Between 2010 and 2013, I worked as the Project Director of Sketch Star, a popular website and web-based app produced by Miniclip.com. In Sketch Star users could create animations and drawings, publish them online and share them with a community of fellow artists.

As Sketch Star Project Director I was:

  • Leading a team of developers and artists to create and maintain the product and its related online community. This included setting up tasks, priorities, and deadlines for new features, content and bug fixing.
  • Collaborating tightly with Miniclip’s advertising department to ensure a constant stream of sponsors and advertisers to monetize the product.
  • Setting, designing and maintaining social network pages (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.) to improve users engagement across the web and open further channels of communication and engagement.
  • Designing and analyzing periodic usability tests for the application and the website to ensure the easiest workflow and usability in both.
  • Designing and improving the application’s UI based on user’s feedback and usability test results.
  • Looking after many more run-of-the-mill tasks.