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In June 2013 I took part in the Dark Souls 2 – Shield Design Contest held by From Software to promote their upcoming Dark Souls 2 game. My entry was called ‘Mask of the Enemy’ and it won as a community winner (by the number of votes).


The idea behind this design is that of a warrior who, after killing a monstrous foe, flays the skin of the fiend’s face and – still fresh and bloody – applies it to his round shield, both as a trophy and as a sign of warning to other enemies.


I created this illustration in two stages; first I drew the flayed face skin with colored pencils on colored paper. Then I scanned the drawing and digitally painted a round shield around it in Photoshop. Also in Photoshop I also added a bunch of small details, like the bloodstains and the scar on the cheek, as well as an arcane rune pattern to the iron rim of the shield.