Role: Game Designer
Nov 2019 – Feb 2021

theHunter: Classic, is a hunting simulator by Expansive Worlds (Avalanche Studios Group). As a game designer my main responsibilities have been:

  • Design new animal species, weapons, equipment, and clothing
  • Concept, supervision, and approval of 3D and 2D game assets
  • Community management (announcements and interaction) as well as collecting players’ feedback to address existing issues and identify most wanted new content.

Major Features / Content Released

  • Designed three new animal species (Snow Goose, Puma, Axis Deer)
  • Designed a new shotgun (Maisto 12 GA Semi-Automatic Shotgun)
  • Functional and visual design of Daily Missions, a new feature to improve players retention
  • Designed the revamp of an existing species (Turkey, a game’s favorite)
  • Designed animal trophy shot poses (new feature)
  • Designed improvements to the “tru-rack” antler’s system for two deer species (Sambar and Rusa deer), as well as the addition of the piebald fur variation for both species.
  • Designed a new clothing set (Arctic Fur, comprised of hat, jacket, pants, gloves, and boots)
  • Designed numerous new missions and competitions, with particular emphasis on integrating them into the existing game’s lore
  • Improved UX and UI of the game’s website


During my time on the game, theHunter Classic has hit its all-time daily players record (2704 daily players), which is still unsurpassed today.